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facts about beer

12 Awesome Beer Facts

Ever wondered if beer expires, which country consumes the most beer, the most expensive beer ever sold, or beer tourism? Here are some crazy facts on beer, the third most consumed drink in the world and the most popular alcoholic beverage in the world.

The Best Beaches To Have a Sip On

Sun, Sand & Sea: The Best Beaches To Have a Sip On By IslandTingTT

LUCKILY for us, beaches are still open and bars have adapted to include “take-away” drink options. This makes for an epic combo for one of my favorite activities, day drinking. With their main characteristic and a recommended beverage, I’ve compiled a list of 6 awesome beaches to relax on while you take your sips!!

Bloody Mary Cocktail

Bloody Mary Cocktail: Everything You Need To Know

It is safe to say brunch without Bloody Marys’ isn’t complete. The cocktail which is a combination of vodka, hot sauce, tomato juice as well as other spices and flavorings including olives, celery salt, garlic, etc. is a popular staple at cocktail parties and Sunday brunches.

Martin James Trini BarChef

Conversations with a Trini Bar Chef

At MixersAnonymous TT, we love showcasing Trinidad and Tobago talent and so we decided to sit down and have a chat with our good friend Martin James, also known by the moniker ‘Trini Bar Chef’ in the local mixologist fraternity. Share with us as Martin gives us a little insight into the current state of the industry and what he plans to do to shake things up.

How to Make Ginger Beer

How To Make Ginger Beer

When you hear the word ginger, the first thing that comes to mind is ginger beer. Thanks to some unknown person, this delicious, fermented, and brewed beverage were created in England in the mid-1700s and its recipe made its way to the Caribbean sometime after.

10 Best Mocktails To Help You Quit Drinking In 2021

As the New Year approaches, we all have some resolutions that we want to make this year. Well, for me, I have been indulged in drinking a lot more than I should. So, as a resolution, I have been working on changing my life by ditching drinking completely!

Best Gift Ideas for Home Bartenders

Best Gift Ideas For Home Bartenders

Bartenders can be tricky people to get a gift for and getting a bottle of rum or fancy wine every year gets a bit old eventually. Have no fear, we got you covered with our list of the perfect gifts to get that would complete any home bartending set up. Here’s our list of the Best Gift Ideas For Home Bartenders.