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10 Best Mocktails To Help You Quit Drinking In 2021

As the New Year approaches, we all have some resolutions that we want to make this year. Well, for me, I have been indulged in drinking a lot more than I should. So, as a resolution, I have been working on changing my life by ditching drinking completely(well…maybe not completely, but mostly). If you are in the same boat as me, you might have heard about making life changes, improving quality, eating healthy, and exercising. But let’s be honest, you still have that urge to drink. Its thirst is always there burning your throat.


Mocktails are said to be the ultimate solution to satisfy the “thirst.” A mocktail is a drink that has all the ingredients minus the alcohol that you probably miss. These mocktails are made from fresh fruits and have ingredients that boost your health. So, here are ten amazing mocktail recipes to help you quit drinking in 2021.

What’s better than a vibrant glass of mocktail made from freshly squeezed blood oranges? It is not just a feast for the eyes but is also very delicious. Apart from blood oranges, the other ingredients include honey, lime, and sparkling water to mimic the flavor. It might taste similar to your old favorite alcoholic drink, but it is a far healthier option.

This is yet another deep and vibrant colored mocktail that is quite famous for its depth of flavor. With a deadly combination of pomegranate and ginger, you get heaps of flavor and no alcohol. Pour in pomegranate juice, sparkling water or soda of your choice, lime, and ginger, and that’s it. Serve it in conical glass, and you won’t even miss alcohol. How good is that!

Now, who doesn’t love a kombucha mule in copper mugs? You can drink one after another without even noticing it. Inspired by Moscow mules, this non-alcoholic version comes in several flavors. It is refreshing, and the fermentation process deepens the flavors. Furthermore, the kombucha mule also has alcohol in it. But it is lesser than 0.5. So, you can play a bit of a trick on your mind and body that you are consuming alcohol…if that’s your thing.

If you are craving something sweet and tangy, this strawberry mocktail is just the right thing for you. Now, you can enjoy the benefits of vitamin C along with the flavor of strawberries paired up perfectly with a sparkling drink. This mocktail has a beautiful color, all thanks to the strawberries. Moreover, it has the perfect balance of flavors where neither the sweet is overpowering more than the sour.

Say hello to another kombucha mocktail. With less than 0.5 % alcohol, this mocktail is super refreshing and light. The use of grapefruit makes it a very healthy drink. Furthermore, the addition of mint gives it a refreshing taste and fragrance that will make you forget your craving for alcohol. Because it is so light, you can keep on drinking without feeling heavy or something. The flavors are very well balanced.

Missing champagne? Well, you don’t have to with this utterly delicious apple cider mocktail. What’s best about this mocktail is that it looks just like champagne. Not only this but as you taste it, you won’t find any huge difference apart from the alcohol. The bubbles from sparkling water, the on-spot flavor of apple cider, and the perfect sight of this mocktail in flute glass are what you need in life!

The next kombucha on our list is the cranberry kombucha (you can never have too much kombucha!). Now this mocktail has a tart flavor that can be overpowering for some. But his overpowering flavor is something that will make you forget alcohol, and you will literally get addicted to it. Furthermore, you also get flavors like rosemary and ginger that amplifies the taste of this mocktail.

Can you imagine sangria without booze? Well, you have one for you. Having a green tea base and no alcohol at all, this mocktail is super delicious and healthy for you, Amy Gorin actually has an interesting recipe for this. it has all those ingredients that boost heart health. So, you can enjoy a healthy mocktail that satisfies your alcohol craving and still provide health to your heart. How cool is that!

You might think that festivities are nothing without alcohol. Well, we are about to prove you wrong with this mocktail. This mocktail is perfect for those who want something less sweet. Using sparkling water, hibiscus tea(or dried sorrel if you can get your hands on some), fresh lemon juice, and honey, this drink is known for its strong flavor and beautiful red color. In fact, it is neck in neck with the blood orange mocktail, if you ask me.

Ahhh mojitos. They are a perfect treat for summers. But since we are sharing alcohol-free mocktails, this ginger mojito has to be on this list. We have four main ingredients here, i.e., ginger, lime, mint, and soda. Add, shake, pour, and top it up with ice. Here is a refreshing, cool, and alcohol-free ginger mojito that is perfect for your health and tastebuds.   

Life's Better with a Mocktail...Sorta!

These mocktails are just handpicked among the pool of many delicious and healthy alcohol-free drinks. The best thing about these drinks is that they not only satisfy your alcohol craving but also give nutritional benefits. So, what are you waiting for? Try these mocktails all listed in the Recipe Section now and bring new flavors into your life in 2021. Cheers!

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