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5 Best Ice Molds For Whiskey

Best Ice Mold For Whiskey

The Holidays are here and what better way to enjoy them than with a glass of whiskey. Whether it be with friends, family or just enjoying your own company you wouldn’t want to taint the experience by drinking from a glass filled with cloudy ice. This list will help you take your drinking game to the next level or get a gift for someone they never knew they needed. Check out our Top 5 Ice Molds for drinking whiskey.


Let’s kick things off with this ice tray from Whiskey Collective. A flexible tray that comes in a pair of 2 trays. Each cube mold creates cubes just under 2 inches and holds 4 fluid ounces of water. They aren’t dishwasher friendly and at times ice cubes can be a bit hard to remove but these are great enough to get you perfect square cubes that you will enjoy.


Maybe you are more of a sphere person than a cube person then this round ice cube mold from Sefio is perfect for you. These molds come in a set of 4 and each mold yields a sphere 2.5 inches in diameter. After freezing, allow the mold to stand for a couple minutes and you will have perfect spheres every time.  


Samuelworld Large Sphere Ice Tray Mold has a funnel shaped entry point to prevent spillage and allows them to be filled quite easily. Made from very durable plastic this product will give you a lot of usage. It’s worth noting that over filling these molds causes the ice to lose it’s shape, use distilled water and you will get perfectly clear spheres.


These 3D skull molds from Shaped are amazing if you are having guests over, if you get them right however, the lack of a funnel and the sometimes-finicky locking mechanism makes it a bit of a challenge to get these molds to form properly but we think these molds are still great and you would be using them to freeze more than just water. Try experimenting with different fruits, or even cocktails. You and your guests are sure to enjoy this treasure.


Spheres, Cubes… can’t decide? Well this is the perfect set for you. These pair of Glacio Ice Molds come with a cube and sphere option all in the same packaging. The spheres come in at 2.5 inches while the cubes come in at 2 inches. Both the tray and sphere molds are made from durable yet flexible plastic allowing for easy removal, they are also dishwasher safe. These molds are sure to give you a solid finished product each time.

Final Thoughts

If you made up your mind on which product you are getting to start your journey into fancier drinking there are some things to know. Using distilled water helps to produce ice without that inner cloud, also allowing the molds to rest a couple minutes before removal is an important step that should not be missed. All that’s left is to enjoy your improved and favorite glass of whiskey. If you are interested in any other products feel free to visit our Mixologist Store. Till next time, Stay frosty friends!

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