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Best Gift Ideas For Home Bartenders

Best Gift Ideas for Home Bartenders

Bartenders can be tricky people to get a gift for and getting a bottle of rum or fancy wine every year gets a bit old eventually. Have no fear, we got you covered with our list of the perfect gifts to get that would complete any home bartending set up. Here’s our list of the Best Gift Ideas For Home Bartenders.


This Whiskey Decanter set is perfect obviously because who doesn’t love whiskey? Not only do you get to put it in this aesthetically pleasing apparatus but it comes with 2 equally designed glasses. Also it’s worth noting that you don’t have to limit this decanter to just whiskey, you can put just about anything in here, however the stopper isn’t air tight so you might not want to keep anything other than alcohol in here for too long.


Who says size doesn’t matter? This Hard Maple Muddler is one big piece of wood that will surely get the task done, no seriously you can smash anything with this. There is also function to the size as it doubles as a mallet, it comes with a pouch to crush ice. This is perfect for anyone who enjoys making crafty cocktails and definitely ideal to complete any home bar set.


Made with very sturdy material, this is perfect for anyone who enjoys collecting flat openers. It’s 7 inches long with a ring for easy operation. The metal is heavy duty which is great to get a lot of usage out of it.


An undeniably beautiful set comes with a magnetized stand to keep all your tools in place. If you love the look of this set you can complete it with an ice bucket and julep cups.


Perfect shaker for anyone looking for a smooth and crisp finish. It hosts a non traditional rubber seal and screw on top and cap but it’s guaranteed to prevent leaking so you can take this shaker anywhere with you. You may want to loosen the cap whilst dry shaking with this to prevent building up too much pressure and the insulation this shaker offers may make it hard to determine if the drink is chilled or not but overall this is a pretty solid shaker and an amazing gift. There are a couple color options to match the style of the person you are getting it for.


This all black cocktail shaker set is nice to look at and comes with all traditional bartending tools to get the job done. Skull element adds something extra to this kit, and these tools look great on the bamboo stand it comes with. This set will look amazing in any home bar set up.


This Bartender Bag/ Travel Kit is a great gift to get especially for beginner bartenders or anyone who is interested in having a home bar set up. The bag itself is made from sturdy material and its waxed canvas finish gives it a vintage look. This set comes with all the tool you will need to craft any cocktail at home. You can’t go wrong with a gift like this. 


If you have been looking for the perfect cocktail shaker, then look no further. There are classic recipes printed on its sides and it screwed on strainer and cover prevents leakage.. This thing does both of those like no other shaker I’ve ever used. It also comes with a jigger to help with measurements. A lot of thought was put into its  design, and it paid off. Check it out!


This is a must have for anyone that likes to bartend. It is so easy to take everything you need with you to make the party a fun time with great tasting drinks. It’s very easy to set up everything in an organized way to ensure efficiency when mixing cocktails. You don’t have to spend time looking for what you need because it is right there at your finger tips. The ease to clean the carry case after use is great. Heavy material so it will last you for years.


This shaker is very solid and heavy. Holds large ice cubes and is easy to clean. It is a glass shaker instead of metal so it won’t freeze your hands when shaking, but be careful not to drop it. The design on the glass stands out the most on this shaker but it is a very functional tool that would definitely look great in any home bar.

Final Thoughts

This was a look at our list of gift ideas for any home/professional bartender. We hope this list helped you make your mind up, subscribe to our Newsletter for more posts like this or check out our Mixologist Store

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