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Bloody Mary Cocktail: Everything You Need To Know

Bloody Mary Cocktail

The Bloody Mary

It’s safe to say, a brunch without Bloody Marys just doesn’t feel right, well at least in our opinion. The cocktail which is a combination of vodka, hot sauce, tomato juice as well as other spices and flavorings including olives, celery salt, garlic, etc. is a popular staple at cocktail parties and Sunday brunches.

Bloody Mary Brunch

Quite tasty and pretty popular especially in the United States, one can wonder just how the drink came into existence and why. This article will discuss the origin of the drink, popular complementary foods that go with it, and other interesting things you probably didn’t know about your favorite spicy drink. So grab a celery stalk, your favorite dipping sauce and let’s begin!

Who invented the Bloody Mary ?

The Bloody Mary was invented around 1920. That much can be agreed upon without dispute. However, there are different theories about the drink’s origins and how its name came to be. This is one of the reasons why there are multiple variants of the drink.

The most popular theory about the history of the Bloody Mary is that it was invented by Fernand Petiot at the New York Bar, Paris. The American bar still operates today although it is now named Harry’s New York Bar.

The American bartender invented the drink while experimenting at the bar with vodka and tomato juice. This was as a result of the bar’s marketing scheme initiated because of the sudden influx of Russians in the country. Knowing the Russians loved their vodka, Petiot decided to mix several other ingredients to the hard liquid to offer the country’s new clientele a new drink. This was also at the time when tomato juice cocktails became a thing in France. He eventually experimented with equal parts of vodka and tomato juice creating a drink everybody visiting the bar loved.  

It was also at the bar he decided to name the new concoction “Bloody Mary” based on the suggestion of Roy Barton, an American entertainer who frequented the bar and especially loved the drink. Before that, the drink was simply referred to as “Bucket of Blood” because of its color.

Then in 1934, Petiot was offered a job to be the main bartender of a hotel bar in New York, The King Cole Bar, which he accepted. There, the hotel managers tried changing the name of the drink to “The Red Snapper”. This was where this variant of the mix originated.

The Bloody Mary

A less popular theory about the origin of the name of the cocktail mix is that it was named in honor of Mary Tudor, daughter of Henry VIII. During her lifetime, Mary Tudor murdered hundreds of Protestant church goers in her bid to defend Catholicism. It was because of this she was nicknamed “Bloody Mary”. Although she died decades before the drink was invented by Petiot, many believed he named it after her as a dark joke about her “bloody” reign.

How to make a Bloody Mary

how to make the bloody mary

The original composition of Bloody Mary made by Petiot contains about seven ingredients – Vodka, Tomato Juice, Celery salt, lemon juice, Tabasco, and Worcestershire sauce. Of all these ingredients, only the first two are important. Any other spices can be added based on personal preference.

As a result of the flexible nature of the spicy concoction, there are several similar recipes conjured up by various bartenders and individuals. That said, we do have a very easy-to-make recipe you can try out at home with your family.

Here is the Best Bloody Mary Recipe with easy to follow steps.

All Bloody Mary Variants and their composition

Here are some of the different variations of the drink. Each varies as a result of the base spirit used.

  1. Ruddy Marry/Red Snapper: The red snapper is common in the UK and is made using gin instead of vodka. The name, Red Snapper, is also used for a couple of other variants of the cocktail.
  2. Virgin Mary/Bloody Virgin/Bloody Shame: this variant of the drink is very much popular in Australia. It is the most popular non-alcoholic Bloody Mary. Composed of Tomato Juice and other spicy ingredients like in any other bloody mary, only the alcohol is removed. Instead, more tomato juice is added to the concoction.
  • Bloody Fairy: This is a mix made using normal bloody mary ingredients except the vodka is replaced with Absinthe.
  1. Bloody Geisha: Vodka in the recipe is replaced with sake.

Best Bloody Mary appetizers and complementary foods


True, a cocktail party won’t be complete without serving Bloody Marys. However, these parties do require food too.

The main thing to know when deciding what food to prepare is that it must complement the drink’s spiciness. So, here are our top 3 Bloody Mary complimentary food pairing and appetizers:

  1. Meatballs or grilled Bacon

Meat is arguably the best food to take alongside Bloody Marys especially when dipped in a cream sauce. The reason for this is simple. The sweet taste of the cream sauce accompanied by the softness of meat helps soothe the mouth. Hence, the spiciness of the bloody mary cocktail isn’t that much of a worry.

  1. Shrimps

You can’t go wrong with cold poached shrimps as an appetizer for Bloody Marys. The cold shrimps ensure the bloody mary isn’t leaving any significant spicy aftertaste.

  1. Mozzarella Cheese sticks

Mozzarella sticks are just perfect Bloody Mary accompanying food. The cheese coated breadcrumbs complement the tomato flavor in the Bloody Mary cocktail. The good thing about the Mozzarella sticks is that you don’t even have to make it yourself. It is pretty much available in grocery stores.

The Best Cocktail in the World?

Bloody mary

To think the Bloody Mary cocktail has been in existence for almost a century says everything one needs to know about the quality of the drink. Regardless of the occasion and pretty much anywhere you are – say a beach, in an airplane, at brunch with a couple of friends; the cocktail mix never disappoints.

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