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Keto-Friendly Cocktails

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Carb counting can be a reasonably pain staking task especially when you are following a very strict diet. Whatever the reason, no one says you can’t have a cocktail. 
Here’s a look at our list of fun and easy to prepare Keto-Friendly Cocktails.

Sugar Free Margarita

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Getting the list started we have the Sugar Free or Skinny Margarita.

Now I already know what you’re thinking but the added sugar means more calories and we don’t want that. 
Without sweeteners the Sugar Free Margarita is a very lean cocktail coming in at 109 calories per serving. See recipe.

Vodka La Croix

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If you can get a can of La Croix it pairs well with Vodka to create a very “weight watcher” friendly cocktail that you can basically sip on all night. 
Don’t have La Croix, no problem, soda water works just fine as the perfect substitute.
A Vodka La Croix can give you between 60-85 calories per serving. See recipe.

Caribbean Rum Punch

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This wouldn’t be a Trinidad and Tobago based cocktail blog if we didn’t include one of our signature cocktails to the list. This may come as a shocker but rum punch is a very lean cocktail. The secret is in how you make it however, substitute all fruit juices loaded with sugar for lime and soda and you have a very keto friendly cocktail coming in at just 88 calories per serving. See recipe.


MixersAnonTT Adobe_Post_20201019_121727-300x300 Keto-Friendly Cocktails

This cocktail actually has many names but we think Keto-Jito is the best so that’s what we’re going with, LoL. Similar to the Sugar Free Margarita, this variation of the classic Mojito comes without the added sugar. Hey, no one said losing a couple pounds was fun. 
This low carb cocktails comes in at just 80 calories per serving. See recipe.

Puncheon & Cran

MixersAnonTT Adobe_Post_20201019_121749-300x300 Keto-Friendly Cocktails

Listen, listen, listen. This is a drink that you can’t knock before you try it. Puncheon paired with sugar free or diet cranberry juice can be a very fun cocktail to sip on and the best part is that its very simple to make.
Puncheon and Cran is about 70-75 calories per serving. See recipe.

“We hope you enjoyed or selection of keto friendly cocktail ideas that you can try at home with your weight loss goals in mind. We hope that whilst meeting those goals you can still unwind and have a drink with some friends. Cheers” ~MixersAnonTT

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