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What does Running a Business and Alcohol have in Common with The Content Magnet

Business and Alcohol

Entrepreneurship has become a fad, that is, a cool trend since the internet world blew up and popular media personalities like Gary Vaynerchuk took over. 

Then, before we knew it, everyone became an advocate for quitting the 9-5 and starting a business. But what does this have to do with alcohol? Is there an overlap? Can your drunken ways contribute to you running a successful business? Or is it your ultimate doom and gloom?

I’m Leeon, founder of the marketing agency, The Content Magnet and I’ve been actively running my marketing business for almost 18-months. 

Take a seat, grab a glass of SIPs and I’ll tell you how you can use alcohol (consumed moderately) to your benefit as a business owner.



Did you know that the more you celebrate, the more you’re likely to have more milestones worth celebrating? 

Whether it’s your first sale, your first social media post, getting your website up and running, or investing in a coach, never downplay your wins. What’s a better way to celebrate than popping a glass of bubbly with your closest friends and loved ones.


rum to socialize

Running a business often involves you having an undeniable passion for something. You have the vision and it makes so much sense to you. 

Sadly though, your close friends and family members may not understand the vision. As a result, you find yourself shedding old circles and forming newer ones. 

A great way to warm up to, and nurture, those newer friendships is over a cup of White & Sprite.

Even as an introvert, I tend to have a bit more confidence and be able to socialize a little longer when there’s White & Sprite in the picture. If you know, you know.


As you may know, running a business may mean that your brain is always ON. You and your business can become so intertwined that it’s usually the first thing you think about in the morning and the last thing at night. Having a glass of wine at the end of the day may just be the creeper you need to finally slow down, live in the now and get that unexpected downtime to put your mind at rest. 


It’s one thing to blow your entire month’s salary on a weekend trip with drinks knowing that you’ll get it back the next month. But when you know that your money fluctuates as a business owner, it requires you to prioritize financial management and get clear on money blocks that are holding you back. 

You can use your love for alcohol as a motivating factor to get really strict about your budget and financial management to ensure you set aside enough money in your Alco Pot to afford it all. Unless you’re a woman and don’t buy your own drinks.

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