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Sun, Sand & Sea: The Best Beaches To Have a Sip On By IslandTingTT

The Best Beaches To Have a Sip On

"In summary, there’s always reeeaallll people on the beach.. The energy and the excitement that exudes from the people around.. I love it.. And that's why it's a fav to take a sip on."


Socializing is an integral part of Trinidad and Tobago culture. Trinbagonians and liming is like;


doubles and red solo,


like white oak and bitters,


like snowcone and condense milk,


like pizza and pineapple,

You catch my drift right, it just goes together.

Of course, this has been temporarily stunted by the COVID-19 pandemic which has forced us to reimagine how we socialize while remaining safe by physical distancing. To help manage the spread of the coronavirus, the Government of T&T suspended in-housing dining AKA in-house DRINKING.

IslandTingTT: Editor, please insert sad emoji here.

Editor: Laughs in html…

LUCKILY for us, beaches are still open and bars have adapted to include “take-away” drink options. This makes for an epic combo for one of my favorite activities, day drinking.  With their main characteristic and a recommended beverage, I’ve compiled a list of 6 awesome beaches to relax on while you take your sips!! Remember to be responsible in your drinking – pace yourself, designate a driver who will not drink, and remember we’re currently in a pandemic so take precautions.

Maracas Bay - ENERGY

Maracas Bay Beach
Pictured: Maracas Bay

I’ll start with the obvious… Probably the most famous beach in Trinidad… and for its vibes! It ranks as one of the top liming beaches to me because it’s a central hub of activity. It’s like the City Gate of North Coast beaches. Whether you’re “stopping right they drive” or you’re going Tyrico, Las Cuevas, or Blanchisseuse… It’s a 99% chance you stopping by Uncle Sam’s for something.. a bake and shark or a cold beer, a bag of ice, or a washroom break.

Pictured: Sipping on Maracas Beach

In summary, there’s always reeeaallll  people on the beach.. The energy and the excitement that exudes from the people around.. I love it.. And that’s why it’s a fav to take a sip on.


RECOMMENDED DRINK: A beastly cold Carib!

Clifton Hill Beach - ADVENTURE

Photo: Sum Fun DDI

Now this is REALLY south.. Past the lighthouse and past the creek kind of south.. I put adventure here cause getting there is a journey in itself but I love it though. Clifton Hill/Guapo Beach has all sorts of activities including a beach resort and jet skis!! In a pre-covid world, car clubs would drive down to this beach and zess. Any drink would come in very handy after those exhilarating activities!!


RECOMMENDED DRINK: Sips – Orange Tango

Manzanilla - RELAXING

Pictured: An islandting drinking tequila-snowcone

Talking about long drives… The breeze in Manzanilla is heavenly. Have you ever sat on the Manzan boardwalk with a stacked cooler with family? Or drove into one of those natural pathways to the sea along the Manzanilla coconut stretch with a tequila-spiked snow-cone? I have … and it’s highly recommended!


RECOMMENDED DRINK: Scotch and Coconut

Saline Bay –  DISTINCT

La Playa de Este
Pictured: View from La Playa Del Este overlooking Saline Bay

In the village of Salybia, there is this precious beach called Saline Bay which is frequently mixed up with Salybia Beach (in Toco). If you want the perfect river lime and beach in one, this is it! It’s not a beach I would take a dip in but that river sure is inviting. Surfers grace the waves here at certain times of the year and sometimes the tide is so low you can walk a great distance out! It really is a distinct beach.


RECOMMENDED DRINK: Angostura 1919 on the rocks.

Store bay – FLASHY

Pictured: Sipping a cocktail from 'Man on D Rock Bar'

Let’s turn our attention to the sister isle… It’s paradise on its own and drinking makes it even more surreal.

Hands down my favorite bar to sit and sip at is Man on d Rock. I can’t wait until it’s safe to dine/drink in again. The owner, a Tobago local, is also one of my favorite bartenders ever. Sipping my amazing (but potent) cocktail, I have always enjoyed myself whether I was in the company of friends, family, or by myself. The bar perched over the bay offers an idyllic view and the waves are so hypnotizingly beautiful … Just the thought has me going into a trance.


RECOMMENDED DRINK: Sips – Pineapple Express

Parlatuvier Bay – ICONIC

Garvin Tafari Parsons
Pictured: Fellow Guest blogger Garvin

Talking about being perched overlooking a stunning view… and I’m realizing now I might be biased to feeling high. My final favorite beach spot to sip is the Parlatuvier lookout… I know, I know not a beach but the breeze is fresh air with a flavored hint of seawater and the view is unmatched. There’s even a bar in case you need to restock your cooler!


RECOMMENDED DRINK: Puncheon and Coke

Honorable Mention

Chaguarmas Boardwalk
Source: Photo by

Chaguaramas Boardwalk bordering Williams Bay. It’s a closer drive for those in the west and breezy as well! Whether you’re taking a leisurely stroll on the boardwalk or fishing with friends and family, this popular spot definitely deserves to be mentioned.

Where next to Take a Sip?

I love all the stretches of sand on our shores. They were made for us to explore. Enjoy them and tell the world. If you’ve visited some of these before, let me know! What was in your cup?

Maybe we’ll bounce up on one of these spots. Till then, stay safe, stay sipping and follow me on Instagram as I explore and show the best that Trinidad and Tobago have to offer!

Written By: IslandTingTT

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