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Trinidad Beers to Know and Love

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What’s not to love about Trinidad and Tobago? The lovely Caribbean weather, the white beaches, the blue shores, the tropical vegetation and the delicious food. If paradise exists, this is it.

Of course, with such fine weather, the only thing you need for everything to be perfect is a proper drink. 

Palm Trees on the beach
Source: Photo by T&T Pics on Pinterest

Luckily, there are plenty of lagers and ciders in Trinidad, so you can choose with your eyes closed.

Nevertheless, here are the country’s most popular beers. Close your eyes and picture yourself holding one of these cold ones and see which one makes you want to book a flight to the Caribbean island faster.

1. Carib

carib beer
Source: Photo by Chelsea Suarez

Carib Brewery is one of Trinidad’s founding beer makers. They started producing Carib Lager Beer in 1950, and it’s still the most popular drink in the island. They make 1,200,000 hectoliters every year.

Full-bodied and refreshing, Carib Lager is immensely popular in Trinidad, but there’s more. The company also makes a stunning Pilsner light, a Radler and a fantastic Milk Stout.

Carib has teamed up with Heineken and Guinness, so they also sell some of the most prominent international brands in Trinidad.

2. Stag

stag beer
Source: Photo by Proud to be West Indian

Stag is a man’s man premium quality European style lager. It’s crafted by Carib themselves, but it’s not just fresh and lively; it’s a statement of boldness.

Stag’s strength of character and robust flavor are hard to match, making this flavorsome beer a splendid partner for Trinidad’s hearty food, including the famous meat pies, stewed chicken and fish broths.

Stag is one of Trinidad’s most characterful beers, and once you try it, you know you can’t have just one.

3. Caribé Tropical Hard Cider

caribe hard cider
Source: Photo by Caribe Hard Cidar

One drink that has taken Trinidad by storm is the delicious Caribé Tropical Hard Cider produced by the folks at Florida Beer.

With 4.5% ABV, these fruit-forward concoctions, available in Pineapple, Blood Orange, and Rosé flavors, are the very essence of the Caribbean.

Apple juice, Champagne yeast and natural flavors give Caribé their charming personality — just a proper hard cider for a warm evening at Trinidad’s beaches

4. 868 Lager Beer

868 beer
Source: Photo by IceBox Liqours

From the same Carib and Stag makers, the 868 Lager is a fresh, vibrant and young beer that adds variety to the already exciting Caribbean beer scene. An affordable local beer that appeals to locals and visitors alike — it’s undeniable Trini.

Expect a straightforward, thirst-quenching beer with layers of malty flavors without being overly complicated, just a good everyday beer in tune with the island’s festive spirit.

This is Just a Drop in the Bucket

Source: Photo by InsideHook

If you think beers are awesome in Trinidad and Tobago, which they are, wait until you try the colorful cocktails being shaken and stirred across the Caribbean island.

Yes, drinks here are good, but Trinidad’s hospitality is unmatched. Come for a drink, but you’ll return every year for the warm people and rich culture. That’s the Caribbean way.

Now that you’re thirsty, browse Mixers Anonymous’ recipe collection and make yourself a Trinidad style cocktail; you’ll feel the sand beneath your feet with every sip.

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