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Clarified Milk Bloody Mary

Clarified Bloody Mary

“This was an experiment to create a savory milk punch. I liked the idea of creating a minimalist Bloody Mary as an antidote to the excessively garnished Instagram drinks that modern Bloody Marys’ have become. It’s also a bit of a visual trick: This thing looks nothing like a Bloody Mary, but tastes exactly like one.”


In this recipe, 1 part is 750ml. 

1 pt. Belvedere vodka
1 pt. Bacon-fat-washed Banhez Mezcal
1.5 pt. Clarified fresh tomato juice
.5 pt. Clarified fresh celery juice
.5 pt. Acidulated black lemon tea
.5 pt. Umami syrup
1 pt. Whole milk
.02 pt. Caper brine
6 drops 20-percent saline solution



Umami syrup: Simmer 500 ml water with 10g black pepper, 20 dashes hot sauce, 5g red chili flakes, 5g Sichuan peppers, 30g tomato paste, 10ml Worcestershire, and caper brine for twenty minutes. Add this to 80g white sugar until the total volume is .5 pt. of the whole (in this case, 375ml).
Tomato and celery juice: Fresh-milled juice treated with Pectinex and spun in centrifuge.

Black tea: Add boiling water to the peels of three lemons and four decaf black tea bags. Steep five minutes, then strain out and add 10mg powdered malic acid.

Combine ingredients and serve in glass with ice block. Garnish with a single celery stick. Enjoy!

Cocktail created by the_madeline

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