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Queen’s Park Swizzle

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What is this boozy rum concoction and where did it come from? 

This famous Queen’s Park Swizzle was created at the then Queen’s Park Hotel located in Port of Spain, Trinidad in the 1920s. 


You may know the building today as the Queen’s Park Plaza. The Queen’s Park Swizzle was used to welcome visitors around the world and is still a revered cocktail up to this day.


Unfortunately, the bartender’s name who created this drink was lost in history and remains very much unknown, however the recipe was not. 
MixersAnonTT 62d09aced5464297ef1e6114453a8cba Queen’s Park Swizzle
Source: Photo by Angostura Bitters

Composed of aged rum, lime juice, mint leaves, Demerara syrup and the world renowned Angostura Aromatic Bitters, this cocktail packs a lot of punch. There is a highly regarded balance of flavors that would keep you wanting more with each sip.

Kudos to him and his brilliant idea! Approximately one hundred years later and this drink is still a crowd pleaser.

MixersAnonTT 22064c530cace09f68037969c56ba8ce Queen’s Park Swizzle
The Queen's Park Hotel Source: Photo by Striderv on flickr

I take pride as a fellow Trinidadian to know that this cocktail is well known all over the world and bartenders are eager to make their own version to post on their personal cocktail pages. I am always awestruck and feel nostalgic to listen to them and hear “originated in Trinidad”; my country.

MixersAnonTT deb1f86dfc20a3d0eb7e0e36406cc50b Queen’s Park Swizzle
Bermuda Rum Swizzle Source:

Did you know the Queen’s Park Swizzle is one of the most famous swizzles next to Bermuda’s Rum Swizzle?

This cold, refreshing, minty cocktail is perfect to sip on a hot day. It’s a smooth, easy to make and you can impress anyone with this recipe. Be sure to try it and tag us in your pictures or share your story on how it came out with us while you kick back and unwind!

Story By: Renee Bernard

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